Publié : 2 avril 2013

Contenu de la formation

International trade

• 2/3 of international Marketing

• 1/3 of international Logistics

• Study of 2 business foreign languages

• Possible to begin a 3rd foreign language : a specificity of the Lycée Jean Prévost

• Economics -Law - Management

• General knowledge

The studies last two years according to the following weekly schedule

4 subjects are assessed by a final exam at the end of the second year. The others are assessed by CCF : assessment during the schoolyear. These assessments are based on written and oral works made by students.

The training aims at giving students operational knowledge and know-how.

This constant concern can be seen in :

• an updating of the curriculum so as to follow the evolution of practices, regulations and the international environment

• a regular application of the acquired theoretical knowledge

• the possibility to use professional tools freely

2 placements

The first- year placement abroad lasts 2 months ; the second- year placement can be done in France or abroad and lasts 4 weeks.