Publié : 2 avril 2013


The degree

This new diploma gives students 120 ECTS, which allows them to enroll in the 3rd year in all the Bachelor’s degrees of the same field ; for example International Business and Business Studies at the University of Le Havre.

The placements

An 2- months placement abroad at the end of the first year allows students to work in the sales department of a company, in a non-French-speaking country.

Students choose the country where they want to carry out their placements and look for companies which correspond to their professional objectives or to their tastes, supervised by a close teaching staff.

Developing skills and know-how

There are 35 students in the first year. The students are closely supervised by the teachers. The teaching methods and the work students have to do focus on :

Group work :

- Study of foreign markets
- Use of commercial software
- Canvassing for customers and negotiating on foreign markets

Developing autonomy :

Students define with companies the professional tasks to be carried out and they take the necessary steps to conduct their study.

Developing communication and negotiation skills in foreign languages

The studies

2 years which allow students to find a job thanks to a diploma which is appreciated by company managers or to go on studying with high success rates

Subjects centred on international trade :

- 2 foreign languages and the possibility at Lycée Jean Prévost to go on or to begin studying a third foreign language : German with a teacher at the school or another language thanks to our partnership with the International Business department of the University of Le Havre or by correspondence.

- The study of the international marketing, foreign market studies, canvassing of overseas markets in the first year, assessed by CCF (assessment of students’ works during the schoolyear)

- The study of international logistics, transport, international risk management in the second year.

- The constant use of the communications tools used by companies, supervised practice of information technology, the use of resource sharing and collaborative work tools, an access to professional directories to which the school regularly subscribes and to an individual professional e-mail account, during the 3 weekly hours of business computing as well as during all the tutorial classes.